Top 5 Stages I Want To See In Injustice 2

5. The Rouges’ Bar


One of my pet peeves about Injustice 1, and fighting games in general, is that every character doesn’t have a signature stage. Now, I know that in an age of 20+ characters, this is a very unrealistic wish. But original 7 members of the Justice League should at least get a stage a piece. For the Flash, the classic Rouges Bar would be ideal. You could even have all of Flashes’s villains as a crowd, taking bets and the like!

4. Oa


Given that Atrocious is going to be in Injustice 2, a Lantern themed stage is a must. Injustice 1 had the Farris Hanger, but that was pretty boring. I want a Lantern stage to truly capture the magic of the character. Any Lantern stage needs to be in space, and what better area than Oa, the Headquaters of the Green Lantern Corp. The stage could include the Guardians judging the match, and you could punch people into the Central Power Battery for stage transitions.

3. A Lazerous Pit


This one is more of a given. There are rumors that Injustice 2 will feature Ras Al Ghul and his famous Lazerous Pits. But even if that doesn’t prove to be true, I would still like one. As much as I disliked the oversaturation of Batman stages in Injustice 1, a Lazerous Pit would would be a cool inclusion. Whether or not you get the ability to throw your opponent into the pit itself, or into waiting assassins, it up to the developers.

2. A Mortal Kombat Stage


This one is a little weird, but hear me out. The studio that releases Mortal Kombat is also the one that releases Injustice. In Injustice 1, we got Scorpion as a playable character. But I think it would be even cooler to include a classic Mortal Kombat State (Stage Fatalities excluded, for obvious reasons). I think the classic MK forest that made an appearance in MK10 would be the best fit.

  1. The Kent Farm


The Big Story in Injustice 1 was the fall of Superman, both literally and figuratively. That story is continuing in Injustice 2. So what better symbol for Superman’s lost humanity than his childhood home. It could be burning, it could be destroyed, it could be perfect and then get destroyed as the match goes on. Best of all, it could be bright and colorful, something that was sorely missing in Injustce 1 (seriously, it was eternally either Midnight or the later afternoon in that game).


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