Top 5 Characters I Want to See in Injustice 2

5. Blue Beetle


This one is a cheat, because Blue Beetle has been confirmed for Injustice 2. But dammit, I’m so happy that I’m still ganna add this in!

4. Huntress


Now, as I’ve said before, Injustice 1 has way too many Batman characters. Counting the villains, the roster had 7 representatives from Gotham, 8 if you count Solomon Grundy. But Huntress is too cool not to add. Somtimes Batman’s daughter, sometimes an orphaned mafia princess, Huntress uses a myriad of gadget based gimmicks and a trademark crossbow to beat the bad guys. While not as flashy as Batman or Green Arrow, she’s still worth including.

3. Cersie


In the original Injustice, the representative for Wonder Woman’s arch villain was Ares. While technically Wonder Woman’s oldest villain, he’s not really that interesting. His design and moveset in the game was boring. He was more of a slot filler than anything else. So I propose replacing him with Cersei, adding a much needed magic user and way more charismatic Wonder Woman villain. Or you could add the Cheetah, but with Catwoman in here, it’s redundant.

2. Booster Gold


You can’t have Blue Beetle without Booster Gold. Well, technicaly you can, but dude, I really love Booster Gold. He’s another tech based character, but his charismatic personality is what would be a welcome addition. Think Johnny Cade, but…well, just think Johnny Cage. You could even tatooo his name across his chest. Plus, imagine the Super Move where Booster sends his opponent into hypertime.

  1. Black Canary


Black Canary is considered to be one of the top hand-to-hand fighters in the DC Universe. She also has her Canary Cry, which would obviously be her super move. Better yet, she actually has a in story reason for fighting, as Green Arrow died during the rise of Superman. In reality, it’s a matter of when she’s going to be added rather than if.


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