Headcannon: My Fallout 3 Character

The beauty of create-a-character games are their ability to allow the player to weave an internal narrative about the protagonist. Sometimes, this is as simple as pretending that you are the hero in the game. Other times, it’s creating an avatar with their own personal history. That being said, here’s what I thought my Fallout 3 character was all about.

Origins: Obviously, my Fallout 3 character was from Vault 101. He was a good kid, loved his father, and was generally thought of as a good boy by the adults. He had a sweetheart in Amara, and a rival in Butch. He also loved the BB gun that his father gave him, and would practice with it religiously, becoming an avid marksman. Overall, he was content with his life in the Vault.

Appearance: My Lone Wanderer could be described as boyishly handsome. He was young when he was forced to leave the Vault, around the age of 18-21. He had a gentleman’s mustache modeled after an old cowboy comic he read while in the Vault. He could also be seen wearing an old cowboy hat in honor of the Sheriff of Megaton who was gunned down in front on him (though some say he took that hat from him before his body was even cold). The commonly wears combat armor modeled after Riley’s Ranger’s, a group he associated with frequently.

Personality: In my head, my Lone Wanderer was naive, but charming. His life in the Vault made him develop morals that some in the harsh Capital Wasteland could describe as idealistic, or even foolish. But his desire to help anyone and everyone made him a friend to those that really needed it. He could also be quite charming, especially with women, and had something of a silver tongue. While initially content with the Vault, his life in the Wasteland made him develop a wander lust, and he made it a hobby to explore the wastes just for the fun of it. That’s why he developed such an affinity for Riley’s Ranger’s, and wore their colors. But my Lone Wanderer also had a strict moral code, which could make him become quiet violent. The most extreme example of this is when my Lone Wanderer slaughtered the entire population of Paradise Falls for their practice of slavery.

Signature Skills: [Intelligence, Agility, and Charisma: Medicine, Repair, Small Guns, Speech]

In some ways, my Lone Wanderer took after his father. He was highly intelligent, and was initially planning on becoming a doctor like his Father. After leaving the Vault, the Lone Wanderer continued his medical studies due to the necessity of living in the wastes. He also used his intelligence to maintain his equipment, becoming something of a field blacksmith. His love for his toy BB gun also translated into useful sharpshooting skills, as he favored small guns when traveling, especially the common hunting rifle. And his natural charisma allowed him to talk his way out of a lot of situations.

Companions: [Dogmeat, Falwks]

Initially, the Lone Wanderer liked to travel by himself. A lifetime of living in a confined space with a large population mad him value solitude. But after a while, he ran across a stray dog living in a junk yard. This dog became his most consistent companion, and may could identify the Lone Wanderer by his trusty partner. And while my Lone Wanderer did not like traveling with other humans, did travel with the Super Mutant Falwks from time to time. Some may find this abnormal, but my Lone Wanderer valued Falwks mind, as it finally gave him someone to discuss things on an intellectual basis. His large frame and power also complimented my Lone Wanderer’s speed and skill.

Ultimate Fate: At first, I thought that my Lone Wanderer would eventually come the courier in New Vegas. But given that New Vegas takes place 4 years after Fallout 3, and my Courier is an old man, the timelines don’t match. So instead, I think that my Lone Wanderer continued to roam the Capital Wastelands, keeping an eye out on the water plant that his father died for. My Lone Wanderer was saddened by the death of Sarah Lyons, and wary of the rise of Arthur Maxom and his version of the Brotherhood of Steel, as Maxom reminded him a little too much of his old Vault 101 overseer. Having enough of political infighting, my Lone Wanderer mostly keeps to himself and his home in Megaton, often traveling for months at a time to further unknown territory. But occasionally, he’ll visit Moriarty’s and regale the young wastelanders with stories of the fantastic sights and monsters his met on his travels.


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