Headcannon: My New Vegas Character

Origins: Originally, I envisioned my Courier as the grown up version of my Lone Wanderer. But now that I know that that would be chronologically impossible, given their ages, I’ve rethought my headcannon. Now, my Courier is a mysterious man with a mysterious past. He showed up to New Vegas carrying a package. He’s a Courier, he doesn’t need a backstory.

Appearance: My Courier was an old man. Or what can be considered an Old Man in the wasteland. Over 50, grey, and rather unkempt. He can traditionally be seen with a duster on his back, and a piece of iron on his hip.

Personality: Having survived the wasteland for so long, my Courier is a pragmatist. If a problems needs a bullet, he’ll use a bullet. If it needs sweet talk, he’ll use sweet talk. His moral code mainly revolves around survival and getting the job done. Make no mistake, however, he is no friends to raiders or slavers. His time traveling the wastes have given him enough evidence of their special kinds of cruelty. And while he didn’t share the NCR’s vision of a united land, neither did he have any love for Ceaser and his army of zealots. If he had any strong belief, it was that men and women should be allowed to chose what kind of life they want to lead.

Signature Skills: [Perception, Charisma, Intelligence: Barter, Speech, Explosives, Science, Lockpick]

Being a Courier, my New Vegas character needed an eclectic collection of skills. Being a natural traveler, my Courier developed excellent bartering skills with local merchants. His speech allowed him to talk his way into certain sensitive areas. While good with a gun, he liked to dabble in explosives. And due to the large number of pre-war technology, a healthy knowledge of computer hacking and lockpicking was a must.

Companions: [Veronica, ED-E]

My Courier was use to traveling long stretches of time with a partner, or by himself. For his time in New Vegas, he chose the former. Early in his travels his met Veronica, a Brotherhood of Steel scribe unhappy with her lot in life. And though the Courier had never made time for family (despite the strong possibility of siring more than his far share of children in his travels), he developed a strong familial bond with Veronica, viewing her as the closest thing he had to a daughter. Along with ED-E, who simply made his laugh, the trio made a strangely effective team.

Ultimate Fate: Originally, I had my Courier side with the NCR. Looking back on it, it probably would have made more sense to support Mr. House. So in my mind, my Courier supported Mr. House in the battle of Hover Dam, and worked for his for a time. And when Veronica and ED-E eventually went their separate ways, my Courier returned to his life in the wastes, riding out into the sunset from which he came.


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