So You Want to Fight a Nazi Anything?

220px-Captainamerica1Captain America

Description: Nazis have the well deserved reputation of being the most sadistic and evil group of men and women to ever walk the Earth. The brain child of a little pencil necked art geek named Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich was history’s best example for not giving vegetarians any real authority. After their takeover of Germany, the Nazis cut through Europe with a blade of terror so great, that it took a monumental intercontinental effort to sheath it.  

As such, many generations have fantasized about different ways to give Hitler’s boys the good ol’ one-two. You gonna do like Captain America? Then here’s some advice.


  • What Nazi’s have in numbers, they lack in modesty. Play to their ego. Maybe mention that their complexion looks particularly hateful today.
  • Mention that you about their secret plans. They’ll keep you alive to figure out how you know (despite the fact that no actual secret plan may exist).
  • Call them Ratzis. This seems to be effective.

Tips: Aim all attacks at the chin. Nazi’s are notorious for their glass jaws.

Warnings: Don’t aim for the balls. Nazi’s have no balls.


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